General Dental Treatment Fees(include Tax)

If you have a insurance card, please show us at first and monthly visit.
If you don’t have a insurance card, general dental treatment fees are as shown blow.

Please be aware, when using Japanese health insurance, we only accept cash.
We accept credit cards for SPA cleaning and Zirconia treatments.


First Visit(include counseling x-ray simpleprocedure)valid for 6 month¥16500
Digital Dental X-ray1〜3 teeth¥2200
Digital Panorama X -rayAll the teeth¥8800


Spa Cleaning Menu

Check-up / Counseling / Stain Off / Flossing and interdental cleaning / Scrubbing / Debridement / Full Mouth Cleaning / Teeth Polishing / Aroma Gum Massage / Tongue Cleaning / Fluoride tooth coating

SPA Cleaning (60min)¥13200
SPA Cleaning (within 3mounth)¥12100
Speed Cleaning (30min)Front teeth¥6600
Simple Cleaning (30min)Tartar removal only¥6600
Perfect Cleaning (90min)A strong stain¥17600

General Treatment

Local Anesthesia 1cartridge (10ml)¥2200
Simple treatment1tooth¥3300
Temporary crown 1tooth¥5500
Composite Resin Filling 1 tooth ¥11000
Root canal treatment
(include x-ray)
front teeth
premolar teeth
molar teeth
Anti-inflammatory treatmentsimple
Sensitive treatment (HYS)¥2200
Revisit (only check up)¥2200
Tooth extraction simple


Antibiotic medicine10times¥2200
Painkiller 10times¥2200
Mouth wash¥660


Zirconia crown restoration, such as Bridge and Inlay, is excellent in cosmetic appearance, functionality, safety and durability. There is nothing that surpasses this restoration especially in cosmetic appearance at present.

Zirconia Inray1tooth¥66000
Zirconia Crown (aesthetic)1tooth¥154000
Zirconia Crown (normal)1tooth¥132000
Fiber Core1tooth¥11000
Non clasp denture1piece¥143000〜
Metal plate1piece¥330000〜